Don’t Fear The Monday

There is such a phobia called the fear of Monday’s. It is called lunaediesopaphoia.

It is described as “an abnormal fear or extreme dislike of Mondays”.

This normally sets in around mid afternoon on a Sunday. The fun of the weekend has come to an end and you start to worry about the targets at work, the backlog that you’re going back to, the amount of emails that you’ll have in your in-box, the project you’re yet to complete, or that one-to-one you have coming up…

Why not reframe this picture and look for the positives – Do you have a job? Do you have your health?

If this isn’t enough, there are other ways to have a marvellous Monday, but it takes a bit of effort from you and a commitment to small changes that can have a huge positive impact on your life.

This can be done through mindset and NLP techniques.

I can help you understand this more and I’m only a message away.