What is Mindset in Motion and what can we do for you?

For Employers

HSE figures estimate UK businesses lose between £33bn and £42bn per annum to Mental Health issues.
HSE Guidelines state that businesses must have a Policy on Mental Health.
Do you have a Mental Health Solution in place for when an employee issue arises?
HSE states that employers must deliver a duty of care to employees ensuring their well-being is protected in the workplace.
Mindset in Motion will provide well-being and mental health support that will positively impact the following:
- measuring and improving staff moral
- lowering staff sickness
- loss of downtime (including a loss of customers and a loss of revenue)
- avoiding a bad Company reputation
- negating expensive recruitment costs

Get results

For Everyone

Mindset in Motion believes music, exercise and mindfulness can all play an integral role when you are having feelings of stress and in these difficult times it is essential to find something that can make you feel exactly what you need to feel.

These form a big part of our Performance and Wellbeing Coaching if they are right for you.

Life is too short to be doing the things that make us feel unsatisfied, so Mindset in Motion's role as your Coach is to reverse those feelings and support you so that you are able to get a clear vision of what you want.

Find Change

For Employees

Are you struggling with stress, sleeplessness, panic attacks, uncertainty over your future, powerlessness, disappointment, fear of being a failure, maybe because of a problem at work, either due to a redundancy situation, a disciplinary, a grievance, a performance management plan, a workplace conflict, or preparing for an Employment Tribunal? 

As a result you find it hard to make positive changes and lack motivation?

Do you want your mental health to define you, or inspire you?

Inspire me

Thanks Shona for helping me at a time when I was feeling really low. My self confidence was on the floor & I really didn’t like what I was seeing or feeling. Your calm, balanced views & gentle questioning helped me see things more clearly & your structured thought process (that i was able to take away) has helped to lay a new foundation for me to look ahead. I think I will always be a ‘work in progress’ but with your on my side, I feel really confident that if I wobble, you will be there to help me regain balance


A Free Initial Consultation

Please get in touch for your first consultation where we can discuss your options

Hello! I’m Shona Performance and Wellbeing Consultant

I believe everything happens for a reason and it can take something traumatic to realise what your calling is. I am now happier and more positive than I ever have been in my life. I’m sure there will be more dramas and tragedies to come, but I no longer see my myself as a victim anymore. The past is in the past and the future is another day.

The important thing is to focus on the present and enjoy every day as if it was your last. Change is possible if you want it. I know I can help you with that, because I am an example of someone who’s been through it and come out the other end on top of the world.

More about me

Shona has always helped me feel encouraged and motivated. I can now fit exercise into my weekly routine which has made such a difference to my fitness, confidence and even my concentration. The mindfulness and meditation techniques help me to take a step back from the stresses of life. I am so much happier now than I was. Thank you Shona.


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Mindfulness Monday

100 Days of Mindfulness – Day 53

How Breathing Can Control Your Health I started to use mindfulness and breathing techniques after I had a breakdown in 2013 and I’ve never looked back. My panic attacks stopped, I don’t worry about things I can’t control anymore, I’m calmer, I sleep better and I’ve slowed down. Give it a try!

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Tune Of The Week Tuesday

Get Your Groove On

Eminem – Lose Yourself Music soothes the soul – Turn on the tunes when you’re cooking, doing house work, doing work out’s, in the car, or studying. This track fills me with inspiration and motivation. It’s about seizing the moment and not giving up. You may feel like you’re not winning, but failure is not […]

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Wellbeing Wednesday

How to self-care if you have to self-isolate

How to self-care if you have to self-isolate It can be easy to fall into the trap of turning into a couch potato if you have to stay at home due to coronavirus. However, it could be the perfect opportunity to self-care and do some of the things you have been putting off for an […]

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Time to make a change Thursday

Things I’m Working On

With Life changing so much for everyone, it can be difficult to get into a routine. Things may not seem normal, so it’s important to adapt. I have prepared a self-care wheel with things that I’m working on. If you want me to to send you one, send me a message with your email address […]

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Fun fact Friday

Exercise can reduce anxiety

Anxiety is the body’s fight or flight response in full swing. When there is nothing to flight and nothing to flee, the stress hormones that are surging around have nowhere to go so they build up, bringing with them the physical symptoms of anxiety. Physical activity is the natural end to the fight or flight […]

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Things to do on a Sunday to improve your Monday

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Bionic Nutrition

What should You Do 10,000 steps a day, or 30 minutes of brisk walking per day?

Many of us where a pedometer or tracking device these days and are obsessed with getting to that 10,000 steps per day. However, many of those steps are ineffective, because you don’t increase your heart rate. There will still be a benefit to this, rather than doing nothing. If you want to get fitter, aim […]

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Guest Blogs

Battling mental health with a Sporting Career

Last week’s article was received so well, Shona has very kindly agreed to write another guest post for us. This week she’s speaking openly & honestly about her journey battling mental health with her own sporting career.  What is Mental Health? ‘Mental health is defined as a state of well-being in which every individual realises his or […]

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100 Days of Mindfulness – Day 15

Watch What You Eat Spend 30 seconds on each aspect of looking at, touching, sniffing, tasing, chewing, and then swallowing your food properly. Don’t do anything else while you do that. While eating, think about where your food came from, the smells, aromas, taste, what’s happening to your senses as you do each aspect. Was […]

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