Hello! I’m Shona

Experienced. Certified. Supportive.

Hi, I’m Shona and I am a Certified Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, Master in Mindfulness, Inspirational Speaker and Author. I practice as an Executive Coach, based in Portishead, North Somerset. I am also a spin Instructor and I was a qualified Lawyer for 20 years.

I am also proud to say that I am an Award Winning Coach, having won The Inspired Award for my achievements in nutrition and fitness presented by Future Fit Training.

Why I became an Executive Coach

I became an Executive Coach, because I get YOU.

I started practicing as a Lawyer in 2001 and until 2012 I absolutely loved my job. I specialised in several areas of law and was highly respected by my peers, colleagues and clients.

Cotswold Classic Tri – 5.8.18

Unfortunately in 2012  I found myself in a very stressful situation at work, also a single mum to a toddler and one day it all became too much and I found myself being rushed to hospital in an ambulance. I was in crippling pain, unable to breathe and found it difficult to move.

Eventually I was diagnosed with fibromyaligia. I changed my job to a less stressful one and my symptoms improved, and I am now able to control this condition.

Having been an Employment Lawyer for many years, but also being on the other side, understanding what it’s like to go through a workplace conflict and how this can affect your health both mentally and physically, I can use my experience and empathetic nature to support you and help you to be the person that you want to be. I understand what it’s like to lose your confidence and lose connection with yourself – basically to reach burnout. 

Skiing 12 months after my accident

I am now happier than i’ve ever been.  I believe life is too short to be doing the things that make us unsatisfied, so I try and look for new challenges to do all the time. Most recently I have been skiing for the first time, learnt how to paddle board, started climbing, did a half iron man and learnt to play the guitar with my daughter. I’ve just signed up to do my first ultra marathon next year – there’s more to come!

For years clients, friends and family have been telling me that I am a great listener, I am empathetic and always have a solution to their problems. What better way to make a career out of this!!