How to self-care if you have to self-isolate

How to self-care if you have to self-isolate It can be easy to fall into the trap of turning into a couch potato if you have to stay at home due to coronavirus. However, it could be the perfect opportunity to self-care and do some of the things you have been putting off for an […]

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Time to Talk

Let me tell you about Shona I am Shona. I was a successful and confident Lawyer, but something changed. When I started a family I didn’t want to work 60 hour weeks anymore, but it was hard to get that work/life balance right after working that way for years. By 2013 due to culture where […]

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What should You Do 10,000 steps a day, or 30 minutes of brisk walking per day?

Many of us where a pedometer or tracking device these days and are obsessed with getting to that 10,000 steps per day. However, many of those steps are ineffective, because you don’t increase your heart rate. There will still be a benefit to this, rather than doing nothing. If you want to get fitter, aim […]

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Top 10 Tips on Losing Weight For Busy Mums

With Christmas only weeks away, wouldn’t you like to get your weight under control before the festivities begin? It only takes some minor changes to your lifestyle and it doesn’t need to be a chore. The best way to lose weight is to lose around 1-2lb per week and stick to a balanced diet and […]

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Pick a Mood Booster

Walk or Cycle to Work Listen to a New Podcast The one i’ve just listened to is called Safe For Work by Liz Dolan and Rico Gagliano. It’s about avoiding burnout and negotiating a payrise. Text a Friend – just because… Great start to the day!

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Men are reaching burn-out. Is self-care the answer?

Why is this? Many professional men if posed with the question, ‘do you self-care?’ would probably stare at you blankly. However, it’s a fact that men are three times more likely to take their lives than women in the UK, which makes suicide the single biggest cause of death in men under the age of […]

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What makes you SPECIAL

SPECIAL S.pecial – Well i’m Bionic for a start. I believe I stand out from an overcrowded market. I’m not just a Coach, i’m a Coach with the lived experience. I get people, because it’s most likely that i’ve been where they’ve been and if I haven’t, I know someone close to me who has, […]

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Foods to limit or avoid in during Pregnancy

Have you ever been confused about what you can or can’t eat during pregnancy? In this article we will explore what you can and can’t eat when you are already pregnant. Helping you to make the right choice whilst you are pregnant Cheese and other dairy products Unpasteurised milk should be avoided during pregnancy. If […]

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How often are you kind to yourself?

When did you stop living? We all live busy, frantic lives, whether we work full-time, part-time, have kids, there always seems to be too much to do. How did we get like this? Was it always like this? At work, there seems to be pressure to work to targets, want more out of us, and […]

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You have been my inspiration  since I have been working with you putting me on the right track over the last few months  I am now in a better place feeling good about myself (As age is just a number) I hope I can be an inspiration to other in the future I have now found  exercises that suits my needs hula hooping  &brisk walking There is no looking back now only forward to my future  will like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your help & support  kind Regards Meryl x

Meryl Ridge

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