Bionic is a Process – My Story I didn’t just decide to become a Life and Mindset Coach, I have my own story. I believe the journey I’ve been through over the past decade got me to this point. I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and I love using my life experience and practices I’ve learned through […]

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Big Goals require Big support

Why are Goals important? Realising the importance of big goals became my passion when I recovered from corporate burnout in 2013. At that time in my life I wasn’t happy, I wasn’t looking after myself and I had no self-worth. I started off with setting small, specific and achievable goals and as I started to […]

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G – Great goals are outcome focused: Once you understand your WHY (and it’s an enthusiastic WHY) you’re almost there. Great goals should be in line with your values: The more a goal aligns with your inner or core values – the EASIER it will be to achieve. Get started. Think about what it is […]

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Why We Should Exercise?

It’s the start of a new year and most of us make new year’s resolutions to get fit, but how many of us will stick to them? If you’re new to exercise, then the key is to start small. Just 5 minutes of exercise or less per day has the advantage of bypassing your brains […]

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Are you a creature of Habit?

As we enter a new decade, do you want to stay as you are, or make some changes? Imagine this – you’re at a funeral and you’re standing over a coffin and you see yourself. What do you have to say about yourself? Have you done the things with your life that you want to […]

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How will you reflect as we move into a new decade?

How has the last 10 years been for you? When you look back on the last 10 years, are you happy with what you have achieved? Are you content, or as you reflect, do you want more out of life? As we move into a new decade are you thinking of making changes, whether it’s […]

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Common Issues I Come Across

“I’m not good enough” “I can’t do it” “I am a failure” “I worry” “I feel guilty” “I have so much to do” These are just a few examples. However, these are only thoughts and a thought can be changed. I can work with you to Identify what is holding you back, help you Recover […]

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10 Reasons Why It Is Important To Set Goals

Do You Have A Destiny With Your Name On It? 1. Goals give you a starting direction and a destination to reach – What is it that you REALLY Want? What is the SPECIFIC outcome you’re looking for? What is the PAIN of not achieving the goal? 2. Written goals give you focus and nail […]

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When your Manager can’t manage!

Is a Micromanager the worse boss you can have? It can be difficult to perform well when you’re being micromanged, because you may feel that your boss doesn’t trust you to do your job. You may be feel that you’re constantly being checked on and this can lead to you being anxious, stressed and if […]

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A note to say a big thank you for last night.

I thought I was fairly clued up about nutrition and pelvic floors but after last night I realise I (and probably most of the other women in the room) have a lot to learn!! So thank you both.

Shona, I wish you a speedy recovery from your op; you are amazing even to go out so soon let alone stand for an hour. Please can you remind me the name of the powder supplement, I keep thinking allium but that’s a plant!!

Thanks again. Feedback has been great.
Best wishes

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