How I helped a client to completely change her career

A client came to me very distressed with her current situation at work. She had been a Chef for 20 years and had never done any other job. She had suffered extreme stress, being on her feet for 14 hours a day, over long periods of time and the final straw came when she had a nasty accident in the kitchen at work, which resulted in her being off work for several months.

She realised over this time that she couldn’t go back to this job, or do this career any longer, but she was completely lost and had no idea what else she could do. When she came to me she was completely broken.

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Shona has always helped me feel encouraged and motivated. I can now fit exercise into my weekly routine which has made such a difference to my fitness, confidence and even my concentration. The mindfulness and meditation techniques help me to take a step back from the stresses of life. I am so much happier now than I was. Thank you Shona.


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