Support that we offer to Businesses

Delivering Executive Coaching, Employee support with mental health and inspirational talks in the Workplace.

With Mental Health costing the UK business up to £45 billion per annum, HSE Guidelines state that businesses must have a Mental Health policy and solution in place for when an employee issue arises. 

Mindset in Motion will audit the following records:

 – Staff sickness levels and reasons for sickness;

 – Staff turnover and reasons for turnover;

 – staff training costs;

  – recruitment costs;

 – levels of redundancy, reasons and cost to the Business.

Mindset in Motion will provide training and mentoring to deliver the following:

 – enabling the ability to identify Employee Mental Health Issues

 – Managing Employees struggling with Mental Health issues in line with HSE Guidelines

 – Training Management on the Equality Act 2010 (disability discrimination) and HSE guidelines

Mindset in Motion will provide:

 – a Counselling Service for Employees coping with Mental Health issues

 – Deliver Wellbeing workshops

 – Dedicated on-going support and reviews

How to improve motivation in the workplace

We provide training on how to improve performance in the workplace, which will ultimately improve targets, motivation, confidence, staff turnover, mental health, sickness and morale.

  • Recognising good work– employee motivation is increased if their hard work is recognised. How you recognise your team’s work contributions can have a huge impact on staff moral. This doesn’t have to be a staff bonus at the end of the year. Actually treating the employee as a valued member of the team can be of huge importance.
  • Setting small, measurable goals – If you set visible goals, this will make them seem realistic and more achievable. It can also be a clear indicator that an employee’s work is making a difference. Each time a goal is conquered this provides a real boost of motivation. As an employer you can celebrate those achievements by recognising that employee in some way.
  • Applaud results– Part of what makes setting small and measurable goals so important is that it provides plenty of opportunities to applaud the results of your team’s hard work. This doesn’t mean you need to give a standing ovation to every employee who made it to work on time, but it is crucial to let everyone know how much each of their contributions move the business forward.
  • Stay positive– When it comes to that monthly one-to-one, the employee should look forward to it and not dread it. Nobody likes having a conversation about how poorly they’ve done. It’s true that expecting nothing but rainbows and sunshine all day is a bit unrealistic, but even those of us with ‘thick skin’ have a tolerance threshold for negativity. So, instead of telling a teammate where they went wrong, focus on the things they did right. Happiness and positivity play a greater role in the success of your business than you can imagine. This will ultimately improve motivation, engagement and productivity.
  • Stay fueled– It’s hard to stay focused and driven when you’re low on fuel. That’s why it’s so important for everyone to stay fed. Unfortunately, it’s common for employees to become so engrossed in their work that they either forget or forego breakfast, and even lunch. That’s not great for their health, and even worse for their productivity. As an employer, you can keep healthy snacks around the workplace to help your team maintain energy levels throughout the day. The cost of providing the them will likely be offset by your team’s increased productivity.
  • Take regular breaks– You can’t expect to maintain workplace motivation when everyone’s burnt out – that’s why it’s so important to take regular breaks. Stepping back and taking a moment to refresh and recalibrate isn’t just helpful in staying motivated, it’s also important to your health. Also, sitting all day isn’t good for you, and neither is working non-stop. Taking even a five minute break every hour or two can have a positive effect on both your mind and body.
  • Stay healthy– Nothing is worse than when an employee forces themselves to come into work when they’re sick, and gets everyone else sick. They probably won’t be very productive anyway. Make sure that the policies you’re instituting aren’t keeping people from taking the time they need to stay healthy. Think about the way you approach time off and the medical benefits. Disengagements cost companies across the world millions of pounds each year. A generous time off policy might seem expensive at face value, but actually save your company a lot of money in lost productivity, poor attendance, and engagement.
  • See and share the big picture– A large part of understanding the purpose behind your work is seeing how it fits into the larger picture, and you can help boost motivation in the workplace by ensuring your team understands how each of their efforts impacts the larger goals of your organisation. Seeing how the team’s work helped the company grow can provide a huge amount of motivation in the workplace.
  • Provide a sense of security– Employees want to feel they still have a place to work. Psychological theory suggests that there is a hierarchy of basic needs that people require before they can be motivated to reach their full potential. Security falls right beneath psychological needs like food and water. Once employees feel secure, they’re more likely to be motivated to reach, and further stretch their potential.
  • Practice and promote mindfulness– Taking time out of your day to slow down is very important. See below what we offer.
  • Have fun – It’s not OK having a team that feels like every day is a slog. You don’t need a snooker table in your office to make work fun. Find little bits of fun in everyday activities, and focus on what makes working in your organisation great. You and your team will be amazed at how motivating a little bit of fun can be.

Wellbeing workshops

We provide wellbeing workshops. We support staff on having healthy routines, whether working in the office, or at home. 

We also support Business owners to get the best out of their Management and train them on supporting anyone with a mental health problem. 

These sessions can be delivered online as well as within the organisation itself. 

We incorporate a mixture of mindfulness, lifestyle, nutrition, fitness and change. Mindfulness is becoming very popular in the workplace and this form of treatment can be very successful if practiced regularly.

Shona perks me up  when i’m having a dull day. She says the right things and gets me to think positively again, but there’s nothing false about her. She’s completely genuine and she gets everything I say to her. I can tell she’s been through exactly the same things as I have, but come out the other side, and that means everything. That’s why I know she can help me on my journey.


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