What is Mindset in Motion and what can we do for you?

Mindset in Motion helps ambitious business executives and owners to focus on the wellbeing of themselves and their staff, so they can work smarter, not harder. We delivers Inspirational Talks, Wellbeing workshops and Employee Support with mental health in the Workplace so that businesses have happier staff, more business and more profits.

Why Mindset in Motion?

  •  Over 20 years experience qualified and working in Employment Law
  •  Qualified in Life Coaching, NLP, Nutrition and fitness.
  •  Qualified to Master Level Mindfulness Practitioner
  •  Proven Track record in Delivering Programmes Within Businesses
    •    Making more money
    •    Improving Staff Morale
    •    Educating Management to Identify and Manage Employee Mental Health in line with HSE guidelines
    • Freeing up time for yourself, without guilt
  •  Proven Track record of helping individuals rebuild their self-esteem
  •  Proven Track record of helping individuals achieve goals they didn’t think were possible
  •  Proven Track record of helping individuals to rebuild their lives after a serious life event

For Employers

HSE figures estimate UK businesses lose up to £45bn per annum to Mental Health issues.
HSE Guidelines state that businesses must have a Policy on Mental Health.
Do you have a Mental Health Solution in place for when an employee issue arises?
HSE states that employers must deliver a duty of care to employees ensuring their well-being is protected in the workplace.
Mindset in Motion will provide well-being and mental health support that will positively impact the following:
- measuring and improving staff moral
- lowering staff sickness
- loss of downtime (including a loss of customers and a loss of revenue)
- avoiding a bad Company reputation
- negating expensive recruitment costs

Get results

For Everyone

Mindset in Motion believes music, exercise and mindfulness can all play an integral role when you are having feelings of stress and in these difficult times it is essential to find something that can make you feel exactly what you need to feel.

These form a big part of our Executive Coaching if they are right for you.

Life is too short to be doing the things that make us feel unsatisfied, so Mindset in Motion's role as your Coach is to reverse those feelings and support you so that you are able to get a clear vision of what you want.

Find Change

For Executives and Business Owners

Are you struggling with stress, sleeplessness, panic attacks, uncertainty over your future, powerlessness, disappointment, fear of being a failure, maybe because of lack of time to get everything done, not practicing self-care, poor business morale, dwindling profits?

As a result you find it hard to make positive changes and lack motivation?

Do you want to be productive and work smarter, not harder?

Inspire me

Morning Shona,


I wanted to thank you for such an incredibly inspiring and engaging event yesterday. Here at Warrington Time to Change we strive to challenge stigma and discrimination around mental health, the event yesterday was centred around the message of hope and resilience. The event lifted and inspired so many people. We have had some fantastically positive feedback from participants.


“What an emotional & inspirational talk today from Shona. I’m really glad I was able to hear Shona’s life experiences & about her survival. Thanks also for sending all the links, as you said you would. I will read more about what she does.


Just a really great session”


Working with Shona was a delight and we are looking forward to working together in the future.


Thank you Shona.


Take Care



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