We help individuals through an employment dispute

Are you faced with:

  • Redundancy?
  • A disciplinary hearing?
  • A grievance hearing?
  • A performance management plan?
  • A workplace conflict?
  • Targets that are impossible to achieve?
  • A Tribunal hearing that you have not idea how to prepare for?

Are you not getting the correct internal support from your employer?

As a result, this is affecting your health, because you can’t sleep, you’re worried about your future if you don’t have this job anymore, what your family think of you?

You feel like a failure and that you’ve let everyone down. As a result this is making you stressed, but the people closest to you are stressed too.

You want to take the next step and consider pursuing a claim to an Employment Tribunal, but you have no idea how to do this, or where to start.

We can support you through this and provide you with a coaching programme, which will have optional mindfulness techniques included. We will take you from feeling burnt out, stressed, even depressed and desperate, to setting realistic goals, that will transform you into the person you really want to be.

A note to say a big thank you for last night.

I thought I was fairly clued up about nutrition and pelvic floors but after last night I realise I (and probably most of the other women in the room) have a lot to learn!! So thank you both.

Shona, I wish you a speedy recovery from your op; you are amazing even to go out so soon let alone stand for an hour. Please can you remind me the name of the powder supplement, I keep thinking allium but that’s a plant!!

Thanks again. Feedback has been great.
Best wishes

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