Work Smarter, Not Harder

What do you want to get away from?

  • Imagine if you had less work to do.
  • Are you worn out by stress?
  • Are you fed up with having unhappy staff?
  • Would you like less staff turnover and staff sickness?
  • Do you want to avoid expensive recruitment costs?
  • Do you have trouble keeping up with deadlines and take work home?

What do you want to move towards having?

  • Would you like to have more money?
  • Would you like to live more and have the freedom to enjoy time for yourself?
  • Imagine how you would feel if you have healthy profits?
  • Do you wish you could manage your time more effectively and finish each day being satisfied with what you’ve achieved?
  • Do you often feel like everything would work out if you had more than 24 hours?
  • Imagine banishing the stress from your life.

This is affecting your health, because you can’t sleep, you’re worried about your future and you’re feeling the effects of burnout.

You feel like a failure and that you’ve let everyone down. As a result this is making you stressed, but the people closest to you are stressed too.

You want to take the change this, but you have no idea how to do this, or where to start.

We can support you through this and provide you with an Executive Coaching Programme, which will have optional NLP techniques included. We will take you from feeling burnt out, stressed, even depressed and desperate, to setting realistic goals, restoring your self-worth, that will transform you into the person you deserve to be.

I met Shona at a Well-Being event in November of 2019, and having got to know her over the coming couple of years since then I have found that Shona is very experienced in all that she does using her personal and professional life skills to draw upon as part of her resources. Yes I would recommend Shona to anyone that needed to have a Stress Free life


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