A song about kindness

It’s the second day of Mental Health Awareness Week. For me music has always been integral in lifting my mood. As this year’s theme is kindness, I’ve picked One Love by U2 to listen to this morning. It’s a song about forgiveness, caring and love. The kindness message in this song reminds us that we […]

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Get Your Groove On

Eminem – Lose Yourself Music soothes the soul – Turn on the tunes when you’re cooking, doing house work, doing work out’s, in the car, or studying. This track fills me with inspiration and motivation. It’s about seizing the moment and not giving up. You may feel like you’re not winning, but failure is not […]

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Mister Mister – Take These Broken Wings Whichever way you hear the lyrics in this track, it is an incredibly powerful song about a man’s battle with strength and coming to terms with loss. He is telling her that he’s broken, but with her love, she can put him back together and they can ride […]

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What’s on your Spotify Playlist?

What do you listen to if you’ve had a stressful day at work? We all have those days when we leave the office feeling like the world is on our shoulders. When I feel like this, there’s nothing better than putting on some banging tunes and getting that aggression out by singing on top of […]

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This is Me – The Greatest Showman

This is such a powerful song. It’s easy to see yourself as a victim when things keep going wrong in your life, but you can either choose to be a victim, or come back stronger and this is what this song is about. I use this song as my theme song on my website, because […]

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No Worries – Disciples

What is this song about? This track is about a man who had had a hard time in his past, but he no longer sees himself as a victim and has decided to put the past in the past. Life is too short. He now sees life in a positive way and no longer stresses […]

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I’m Coming Out – Diana Ross

What is this song about? ‘I’m coming out’ was released in 1980 after Diana Ross had a career with Motown’s Barry Gordy.  This song’s lyrics are full of positive change and revelation.  Originally, this was about alcoholism, but is now a huge LGBT anthem. Being open in how you identify yourself publicly is certainly a […]

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The Climb – Miley Cyrus

What is this song about? This is a powerful song about how you get back up when you hit rock bottom. However, it also makes it clear that you are likely to get knocked back down again, but each time, you will rise stronger.  It’s a climb to the top, but it’s not a race.  […]

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Skyscraper – Demi Lavato

What is this song about? This song is about positive mental health. This is about getting help and rising above any issues that anyone is dealing with. I have written many blogs about mental health and that it is OK to talk. Don’t suffer in silence. Talk to someone, whether it is a friend, family […]

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To anyone following or wanting advice on nutrition definitely the only person to turn too is Shona because she’s arguably the best nutritionist in the UK without doubt. Her talents and scientific approach to nutrition and on all areas of mind, wellbeing, improving and making the most of the strengths of body is like no other. I couldn’t heap more praise on her because it’s certainly worked for myself and I’m sure for you all too. The article I read few weeks back was an eye opener into how to strengthen as a person also to release stress and a ‘feel good’ factor also.

Shona ticks every box possible in regarding to any form of issues in body and mind without doubt if anyone wanted to use her talented skills then they surely should the most gifted person who can help anyone.

Many thanks again to you Shona for inspiring and helping myself lose weight, tone up, and to help me think about the good/bad fats just amazing and so very grateful too.

5 stars out of 5 wouldn’t be enough I’d say 6 😀

Nigel Parker

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