Things to do on a Sunday to improve your Monday

It’s normal to get to the end mid afternoon on a Sunday and get that dreading feeling of Monday about to creep up on us. So, how do you stop the Sunday blues? The thought of Monday and another busy working week can have your stomach churning, but there are ways to stop that dreaded Monday morning alarm.

Stop yourself from stressing by taking control of the week ahead, using Sunday evening to get ready for Monday morning the right way.

1. Prepare meals for the week ahead

Sundays are the perfect time to plan what you’ll be eating for the week ahead, which will stop you reaching for the ready meals. Take stock of what’s in your fridge and check your schedule to see how many breakfasts, lunches and dinners you’ll need to prepare. Rather than writing down what you need, use a meal planning app like Mealime, which will help you with healthy recipes, create meal plans for any diet. It will also input a grocery list with all the ingredients.

2. Create some Playlists, search some new Podcasts, or find a new book to get stuck into.

Make time on a Sunday night to create some Playlists of your favourite music creating different ones for each day to keep it varied. Why not try a Podcast for a few of your journeys? If reading isn’t your thing, Podcasts are a great way to practice self-development.

When was the last time you got stuck into a good book? They are not just for your annual holiday. If you commute on public transport, make it enjoyable!

 3. What are you going to wear this week?

This one may not apply so much to the men, but it might. How often do you rush about in the morning trying to find something to wear and get stressed when you can’t find something, it’s still in the wash, or hasn’t been ironed?

Instead, spend some time on a Sunday planning what you’re going to wear over the coming week. Check out the weather forecast to make sure it’s appropriate and make sure your clothes are washed and ironed ready for each day. This can actually save a lot of time.

4. Spend time on self-care

When our lives are so hectic and busy all the time, it’s so easy to forget to spend time on ourselves. Even a couple of hours a week, can make all the difference. Perhaps, on a Sunday evening, take some time and have a relaxing bath, with a few drops of oil and some relaxing candles, so you can wind down. Taking time for yourself is not selfish. It will leave you feeling de-stressed, happier and it will rub off on those around you.

5. Create a to-do list

Many of us find a new week overwhelming. You may have left work on Friday with a project unfinished and you’re dreading opening your emails tomorrow morning.

If this is you, write out a to-do list of all the things you need to prioritise and make sure you do the hardest one first. Check them off as you go along and you may find the list on a Monday isn’t so bad. This should also help you to sleep better on a Sunday night.

6. Focus on the Positives

Reframe your thinking. Take your Sunday to pause and reflect what you like and appreciate about your job. Instead of thinking about the negatives, write down three positives about your job and focus on those. Do this every week and come up with new ones.

 7. Own your morning

Change your morning routine. Make your morning focussed on self-care, especially your Monday morning. Getting up 20 minutes earlier can really make a difference. In that time, you could practice some meditation, do a work-out or create your to-do list for the day. This way you are likely to arrive at work feeling energised and happy.

Enjoy your week and look forward to it.

Look forward to Monday