Things to do on a Sunday to improve your Monday

It’s normal to get to the end mid afternoon on a Sunday and get that dreading feeling of Monday about to creep up on us. So, how do you stop the Sunday blues? The thought of Monday and another busy working week can have your stomach churning, but there are ways to stop that dreaded […]

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Top Tips For Single Parents At Christmas

That first Christmas on my own when my daughter was two years old filled me with absolute dread. The idea of not spending the whole of Christmas with her and having to share her made me physically sick. I was worried about being able to afford to buy presents for her and the rest of […]

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Don’t Fear The Monday

There is such a phobia called the fear of Monday’s. It is called lunaediesopaphoia. It is described as “an abnormal fear or extreme dislike of Mondays”. This normally sets in around mid afternoon on a Sunday. The fun of the weekend has come to an end and you start to worry about the targets at […]

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Burnout during the festive season

According to a recent survey from Slumber Cloud, 1 in 3 adults will suffer from burnout over the festive period. 36% of those surveyed claimed that the affliction sets in before mid December. A further 17% claimed that they felt burnout before the festive month had begun. There are many reasons for this: Stress caused […]

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A Little Time for You

What do you do on a miserable day? One of my favourite things to do is to create playlists on my Spotify account for different moods. Whether you’re going through heartbreak, you’ve had a bad day at work, you want songs to sing in the shower, in the car, or songs to sing out loud […]

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What do you want for your children?

Have you already planned out your child’s future? Last night I went to watch Dirty Dancing at the Theatre. The film/play was set in the summer of 1963. For those of you unaware of the storyline, the main character, Baby, is on holiday with her family and she falls in love with a dancer called […]

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Be kind to yourself this weekend

Don’t let the weekend become the same old groudhog weekend! Whatever kind of week you’ve had, whether you’ve been busy at work, you’re a working mum and juggling a job with childcare, you’re a full time mum, you run a business, by the time you get to the weekend, very often you can be so […]

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How to plan a special night for the two of you after a hectic week

Plan a romantic meal for two after the kids have gone to bed For those of us with busy careers, and possibly even children, we end up forgetting about ourselves and our relationships can suffer as a result, because we end up exhausted. We get to Friday night and when we should be looking forward […]

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Pamper Yourself This weekend

Ideas for this weekend I used to feel guilty about spending time on myself when it came to the weekend, but if you prioritise your week a little better, like I have recommended in some of my previous blogs, when it comes to the weekend you should pamper yourself a little. You have earned this! […]

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Thank you for your perspective on life, your skills as a life coach and just being you! Your life coaching has been a great help and the sessions have definitely helped me rebuild a part of my own foundations to help my focus and progress.

Sometimes in life things happen unexpectedly that challenge you and give a new perspective. My own challenge, surviving and recuperating from a terrible bicycle injury, was quite hard in its first year. But, into its second year I felt ready for another stage of rebuilding and giving some new perspectives a go. With the focus and structure of Mindset in Motion sessions to help give credence to some of my ideas and learn some new approaches to typical methods of working, all really helped add to my sense of positively rebuilding my foundations.

The phrase ‘terrible bicycle injury’ is my playful attempt at alluding to the traumatic brain injury I sustained, without directly saying that phrase. Obviously people that read it might infer that, but this written approach allows me some distance from the event. Just wanted to explain my (random) logic!

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