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Forget universal diet plans and maintain a change that you can sustain for life and look and feel great.’

1000 Rep Workout Challenge

Warm Up 1 minute high knee jog on the spot 1 minute side to side toe touches 1 minute heel to bum kicks 1 minute over arm stretches (30 seconds both ways) 1 minute side stretches (30 seconds both ways) 100 Push Ups 100 Bodyweight Sqats 100 Overhead Press 100 Mountain Climbers 100 Tricep Dips […]

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What should You Do 10,000 steps a day, or 30 minutes of brisk walking per day?

Many of us where a pedometer or tracking device these days and are obsessed with getting to that 10,000 steps per day. However, many of those steps are ineffective, because you don’t increase your heart rate. There will still be a benefit to this, rather than doing nothing. If you want to get fitter, aim […]

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Why We Should Exercise?

It’s the start of a new year and most of us make new year’s resolutions to get fit, but how many of us will stick to them? If you’re new to exercise, then the key is to start small. Just 5 minutes of exercise or less per day has the advantage of bypassing your brains […]

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Nutrition for Infants

Are you a mum to be or a new mum? Are you confused about the amount of varied advice around breastfeeding, weaning, types of milk, solid foods and the types of food to feed your baby? Exclusive breastfeeding is recommended until around six months of age. The only alternative to breast milk during the first […]

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Foods to limit or avoid in during Pregnancy

Have you ever been confused about what you can or can’t eat during pregnancy? In this article we will explore what you can and can’t eat when you are already pregnant. Helping you to make the right choice whilst you are pregnant Cheese and other dairy products Unpasteurised milk should be avoided during pregnancy. If […]

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Do you need to change the way you eat?

Do smoothies and fruit juice count towards your 5 a day? All fruit, fruit juices and smoothies contain fructose, which is a naturally occurring sugar. However, fructose from whole fruit, doesn’t count towards added sugar, because when it stays whole it retains its fibre, whereas in fruit juice and smoothies it does count towards added […]

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How much sugar is in Tomato Ketchup?

Do you really think about how much sugar you’re consuming when you put ketchup on your food? Most of us take tomato ketchup for granted granted and just squeeze it all over our food without a thought of what is actually in the ingredients, but would you be surprised to know that there are 22g […]

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Fun Fact Friday

That’s Bananas Bananas can help improve your mood A banana has approximately 30% of your daily recommended intake of vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 helps the brain produce serotonin, which is considered a mood stabilizer. Serotonin impacts your motor skills and emotions. It is also the chemical that helps you sleep and digest food. Eating a […]

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Get the whole family involved

How can we make meal times less stressful and fun? During my mindfulness workshop this week one of my clients was feeling anxious about next week, because her husband is going away and she knows she has a busy week at work, her son is stressed, because he has the last of his GCSE exams […]

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Food Labels

Why look at food labels? The words ‘reduced fat’ and ‘less fat’, or ‘less salt’ are used to attract us into thinking it is a healthy choice. What they are actually saying is that they are reduced or less than another or an original version of the same product. It may be a ‘healthier’ choice, […]

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UK’s Obesity Crisis

How serious is the obesity crisis and what can be done? The UK’s obesity crisis is a lot worse than people may think. In fact 71% of women and 61% of men do not meet the national recommendations of at least 30 minutes of exercise of at least 30 minutes of moderate intensity activity 5 […]

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Eat happy, be well

Ever wondered how food can actually make you happy? Well, it’s not a myth, it actually can!! I have added 4 recipes for you to enjoy today that can all boost energy and increase serotonin that make us happy. Breakfast: EGG BENEDICT WITH AVOCADO Ingredients:2 eggs1 ripe avocado2 tbsp mayonnaise1 tsb Dijon mustard2 tsb white […]

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Have you thought about using the stairs today?

Exercise doesn’t have to cost anything and it doesn’t have to take any additional time out of your day, Read this short read and see the benefits you will gain from climbing the stairs for just 2 minutes per day. When I worked in an office I worked on the 4th floor and never once […]

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To anyone following or wanting advice on nutrition definitely the only person to turn too is Shona because she’s arguably the best nutritionist in the UK without doubt. Her talents and scientific approach to nutrition and on all areas of mind, wellbeing, improving and making the most of the strengths of body is like no other. I couldn’t heap more praise on her because it’s certainly worked for myself and I’m sure for you all too. The article I read few weeks back was an eye opener into how to strengthen as a person also to release stress and a ‘feel good’ factor also.

Shona ticks every box possible in regarding to any form of issues in body and mind without doubt if anyone wanted to use her talented skills then they surely should the most gifted person who can help anyone.

Many thanks again to you Shona for inspiring and helping myself lose weight, tone up, and to help me think about the good/bad fats just amazing and so very grateful too.

5 stars out of 5 wouldn’t be enough I’d say 6 😀

Nigel Parker

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