What makes you SPECIAL


S.pecial – Well i’m Bionic for a start. I believe I stand out from an overcrowded market. I’m not just a Coach, i’m a Coach with the lived experience. I get people, because it’s most likely that i’ve been where they’ve been and if I haven’t, I know someone close to me who has, having lived with someone who has struggled through serious PTSD for many years. When it comes to the nutrition side, i’ve been overweight in the past and learned the hard way, but i’ve spent years studying and learning how the body works at certain times of our lives.

Positive Mindset

P.osivite Mindset – Sometimes it can take something major in your life to make you change the way your mindset works. I used to be a very negative person and worry all the time, and this is probably one of things that led me to having a breakdown in 2013. However, following a serious cycling accident in 2017, which left me fighting for my life my mindset completely changed and I realised that life was too short. I stopped worrying about things that were not within my control, stopped dwelling on things that were in the past, stopped regretting things that i’d done, because they were part of my life, and the future hasn’t happened yet. Everyday I get up and write 3 positive thoughts in my diary and reflect on those throughout the day, so if a negative thought comes into my head I can return to those positive thoughts and remind myself why I wrote them in the first place.


E.xcellence – I have always been a perfectionist, but actually i’ve realised that being perfect isn’t important. I’m only human and if I get things wrong sometimes, it’s ok, as long as I do my best and own up to my mistakes. I was brought up to not get things wrong, and then throughout my legal career I had a boss who told me that we are not human, we are robots. It’s taken me a long time to change the way I view this, but having kids myself has helped, because I certainly don’t expect perfection from them, I just want them to do their best and be happy.


C.onsistency – I am me and i’m not changing. This annoys the hell out of my parents, because all my life I have done things for everyone else and i’m finally taking charge and making my own decisions. I truly believe that if I remain consistent and true to myself I will be a success.


I.ntegrity – There is nothing to hide from. I am an incredibly honest person, but also very vulnerable and probably too trustworthy, and that hasn’t really done me any favours in my first year in business, because i’ve lost a lot of money by believing in people that I trusted.


A.ction – When things go wrong I take action to put them right. I listen to constructive criticism and don’t take offence, because I need these comments now. I’m a doer. I’m a goal setter. I tell my client’s to set realistic and obtainable goals, so I do that to myself too. Through every step of my battles over the last couple of years i’ve set myself a challenging goal and i’ve met every single one. Following my accident, within a year I went skiing for the first time, which I was told I wouldn’t be able to do, within 18 months I competed in my first half iron man competition, because my accident was on a bike and I hadn’t been able to get back on a bike since my accident, so with 2 weeks notice I did it and completed it. I’m now dealing with uterine cancer and have just had a total abdominal hysterectomy, but next May i’ve entered the Rat Race, which is a 20 mile obstacle course with 200 obstacles – bring it on!


L.earning – For the first time in my life i’m really enjoying learning. I’m learning new things every day. I know nothing about business and have so much to learn and the support from NWC is fabulous. I’m constantly doing CPD courses and diplomas to further my knowledge in mental health and nutrition and don’t want this to stop.


What makes you SPECIAL?