How to transition back to work after lockdown

How do you stay mentally healthy as you begin to go back to work?

Everyone’s situation is different. Some people are confused, worried and apprehensive about returning to work. For many, they have started to adjust to the routine of working from home, or being on furlough and now they have to manage another adjustment.

In my experience, change leads to the most anxiety and although change is inevitable, we have dealt with an unprecedented amount of change recently.

It is normal to feel uncertain and anxious about what the future holds.

Tips for keeping you safe and mentally healthy

Keep connected

Keep in touch with your colleagues and Line Manager, or if you feel more comfortable, talk to a well-being expert who has been appointed on behalf of the organisation.

You don’t have to talk about work, but a quick check-in to feel connected is good. You may be dealing with grief, loneliness, been unwell, and feel overwhelmed

Sharing this could be a weight off your shoulders.


Ask what to expect when you return to work.

Plan for your first day back.

How will you get there?

What will things look like in the building?

What will you need to differently, if at all?

Importantly, don’t expect everything to go back to ‘normal’. Look at it positively. Look for the opportunities to do things differently and better. Take one day at a time.


Keep checking in on yourself. What can you do for your own wellbeing?

Will you take more breaks? Eat lunch? Drink more water…

Transitioning back to work after lockdown