100 Days of Mindfulness – Day 15

Watch What You Eat Spend 30 seconds on each aspect of looking at, touching, sniffing, tasing, chewing, and then swallowing your food properly. Don’t do anything else while you do that. While eating, think about where your food came from, the smells, aromas, taste, what’s happening to your senses as you do each aspect. Was […]

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100 Days of Mindfulness – Day 14

Notice The Environment Even if you only have 5 minutes today, spend that time taking notice of what’s going on. Take a walk in the park, by the sea, or around a nature area and allow your mind to let go and just notice all the wonderful smells, sounds, objects and movements going on. How […]

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Shona perks me up  when i’m having a dull day. She says the right things and gets me to think positively again, but there’s nothing false about her. She’s completely genuine and she gets everything I say to her. I can tell she’s been through exactly the same things as I have, but come out the other side, and that means everything. That’s why I know she can help me on my journey.


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