100 Days of Mindfulness – Day 15

Watch What You Eat Spend 30 seconds on each aspect of looking at, touching, sniffing, tasing, chewing, and then swallowing your food properly. Don’t do anything else while you do that. While eating, think about where your food came from, the smells, aromas, taste, what’s happening to your senses as you do each aspect. Was […]

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100 Days of Mindfulness – Day 14

Notice The Environment Even if you only have 5 minutes today, spend that time taking notice of what’s going on. Take a walk in the park, by the sea, or around a nature area and allow your mind to let go and just notice all the wonderful smells, sounds, objects and movements going on. How […]

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A note to say a big thank you for last night.

I thought I was fairly clued up about nutrition and pelvic floors but after last night I realise I (and probably most of the other women in the room) have a lot to learn!! So thank you both.

Shona, I wish you a speedy recovery from your op; you are amazing even to go out so soon let alone stand for an hour. Please can you remind me the name of the powder supplement, I keep thinking allium but that’s a plant!!

Thanks again. Feedback has been great.
Best wishes

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