What’s on your Spotify Playlist?

What do you listen to if you’ve had a stressful day at work?

We all have those days when we leave the office feeling like the world is on our shoulders.

When I feel like this, there’s nothing better than putting on some banging tunes and getting that aggression out by singing on top of my lungs, either in the car on the way home, doing a 5k run after leaving the office, or getting home whilst cooking the tea.

Turn the volume up and let yourself go.

I have loads of Spotify playlists that I have shared and made public on Spotify. If you’re struggling for inspiration take a look at my Bad Mood Songs by Shona on Spotify. These tracks get me going every time. Some are personal to me and others are just great for putting you back in that happy place!

Give it a go and comment below with what you have on your playlists. I’d love to add more to mine.