What is Wellbeing Coaching?

As  your Wellbeing Coach I will help you to achieve goals by eliminating the negatives and developing the positives, helping you becoming the very best you can.

As your Wellbeing Coach I motivate you to change the things in your life that make you unhappy.

As your Wellbeing Coach I will help you work out the next chapter in your life. Wellbeing Coaching helps you to unlock your potential and dispels feelings of discontentment and insecurity.

What do you need from me?

As the client you must be willing to talk openly and honestly about your feelings.

You are likely to gain more from your sessions if you can do this.

You should be willing to participate fully during sessions, by working with Mindset in Motion to explore your issues and circumstances from various angles and perspectives.

You must be willing to explore possible solutions that might help overcome your problems.

You should think optimistically, yet realistically about your life and circumstances.

You must come to believe that anything is possible as long as there is a concrete plan in place.

What is the difference between a Wellbeing Coach and aTherapist?

Most people go to a Therapist for a specific problem.

However, therapy tends to focus on emotional issues, even historical sources of problems and have a stronger focus on the past.

A Wellbeing Coach looks at goals, motivation, behaviour and present time.

You have been my inspiration  since I have been working with you putting me on the right track over the last few months  I am now in a better place feeling good about myself (As age is just a number) I hope I can be an inspiration to other in the future I have now found  exercises that suits my needs hula hooping  &brisk walking There is no looking back now only forward to my future  will like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your help & support  kind Regards Meryl x

Meryl Ridge

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