How will you reflect as we move into a new decade?

How has the last 10 years been for you?

When you look back on the last 10 years, are you happy with what you have achieved? Are you content, or as you reflect, do you want more out of life?

As we move into a new decade are you thinking of making changes, whether it’s a job/career, to lose weight, run your first marathon, sort out relationships, finances, work on your personal development, take up a new hobby, buy a house, or start a family?

When I reflect on the last decade, I’ve achieved a lot, but I’ve also made a lot of mistakes. However, I’ve embarked on a huge journey of self-development and no longer have regrets. I’ve changed my career and re-qualified, remarried and gained two new step-children who I love dearly. I’ve also escaped death several times. I have learned to look at life positively, set challenging goals, which spur me to drive forward in life and achieve things I never thought would be possible.

Why is goal setting important?

Goals are what takes you forward in life. They give you purpose, drive and energy. Without goals there is no purpose and life quite simply falls apart.

When setting goals you need to understand your WHY!

What is it that you REALLY want?

The usual way to set goals is to use the SMART guide, which is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely.

I have set my own goals using the BIONIC guide.

B – Brave

I – Identify

O – Obtainable & Timely

N – Necessary

I – I

C – Can

Goals to aspire to over the next decade

Here are my tips:

1 When you reflect over the past decade, what are the patterns you have kept getting caught in? Are these likely to prevent you from getting what you really want?

2 What is true to you? Do they represent your values, or someone else’s? Your values are the things that you believe are important in the way you live and work. They determine your priorities and they tell if your life is turning out the way you want it to.

3 Setting goals help you to challenge yourself and get out of that ‘groundhog day’ effect. They give you a purpose and sense of achievement.

4 What would be the pain of you not achieving a goal that really mattered to you?

5 Think about your skills – You will be good at something and may not have used this to your full potential. This could help you to set a specific goal.

6 Life is too short, so don’t put off what you could do today until tomorrow. None of us know what’s around the corner. Keep telling yourself ‘I Can’, ‘I am good enough’. You get one life – live it to the full and don’t regret it.

7 What makes you really happy? What goal would force you to engage in the kinds of activities that created that happiness? Goals should be about fulfilment, not a chore.

8 When you look back in 10 years from now, will you be proud? Will you have inspired others? Do you want to do this? Do you still want to be doing what you do now? Do you still want to feel the way you do now?

9 Reflecting on this, do you now have a vision in mind of where you want to be 10 years from now? Is it bright?

10 A well defined goal can be broken down into a smaller obtainable goal and worked on every day.

Anyone can change, but you have to want to change. It is hard to do this on your own and this is why you haven’t done it yet. If you like this article and want to make changes I will support you to Identify what has been holding you back, help you to Recover and work with you to Rebuild your life.

Set Your Vision