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Mum’s Set to Get Less Sleep on Mother’s Day 2019

Mother’s Day 2019 falls on the 31 March 2019, which is the same day as the clocks go forward.

So many mum’s have already posted on social media sites and commented in newspapers how they feel this is unfair, because so many are already sleep deprived as it is.

However, rather than looking at this as a negative thing, we need to look at this as a positive thing. Look on the bright side, this means Spring is on the way, which means dryer, warmer weather (hopefully), longer days, more sunlight, beautiful flowers, butterflies, bees, sounds of nature…

The clocks go forward every year regardless. It just happens to be on Mother’s Day this year. I’m a mum myself and here are my tips to prepare in advance for the chances that you may get less sleep:

  1. Sleep deprivation can affect our performance and mood. Even an hour can make a lot of difference and can take up to a week for your body to adjust. The best way to deal with this is in the week leading up to the clocks going forward is shift your wake and sleep times by 15 to 20 minutes and get at least 7 hours of sleep for an adult and 8 hours of sleep for a child before and after the time change.
  2. Keep to your regular bedtime. At most, you could change the routines a few minutes earlier each night, but avoid drastic changes on the night the clocks go forward itself.
  3. Plan your Mother’s Day in advance. If you’re a Mum in a relationship, what’s stopping you from still having that lie in? Get you husband, or partner to get up with the kids and make you breakfast in bed, once you’ve had a decent lie in – after all this is your day! If you’re a single mum, if the kids are old enough, get the kids to make you breakfast, even if it’s just toast and jam. It will be lovely, because they made it. Even if they’re not old enough, and you’re on your own, take the opportunity to realise how lucky you are to be a mum and have your children with you on your special day. Do something during the day that you wouldn’t normally do, but do it together.
  4. Embrace the new time and go to bed earlier on the Sunday night, so that you start Monday off with a new spring in your step and start the new month off on a positive start.
  5. As Spring is now officially here, you could start the new season off with a new look and think about making your bedroom more cozy – consider refreshing your duvet, curtains and wall colour for a refreshing look.
  6. There’s no better time to start learning about good sleep habits than today, because the 15 March 2019 is WORLD SLEEP DAY. Learn why sleep is important.
The Clocks Go Forward on Mother’s Day