Fun Fact Friday

The average male gets bored of a shopping trip after 26 minutes!

Meanwhile, women don’t get tired of shopping until around 2 hours! So next time you see a couple at a retail store with a bored looking boyfriend, you know they’ve been out for more than half an hour.

On the flip side folks, have you ever considered how long it takes for a woman to get bored of watching the footy, or Wheeler Dealers? My husband made a comment the other day whilst watching Wheeler Dealers, about why there were adverts for tampons on a men’s channel. My response to that was, ‘because of all the poor suffering wives/girlfriends who have to sit through the endless episodes’!!

We’re just getting our own back with the shopping ladies and it’s a great stress relief too. Men, you should try it. If you’ve had a stressful week at work, try a bit of retail therapy. It works every time for me :-))

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