Foods to limit or avoid in during Pregnancy

Have you ever been confused about what you can or can’t eat during pregnancy? In this article we will explore what you can and can’t eat when you are already pregnant. Helping you to make the right choice whilst you are pregnant Cheese and other dairy products Unpasteurised milk should be avoided during pregnancy. If […]

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How often are you kind to yourself?

When did you stop living? We all live busy, frantic lives, whether we work full-time, part-time, have kids, there always seems to be too much to do. How did we get like this? Was it always like this? At work, there seems to be pressure to work to targets, want more out of us, and […]

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How much sugar is in Tomato Ketchup?

Do you really think about how much sugar you’re consuming when you put ketchup on your food? Most of us take tomato ketchup for granted granted and just squeeze it all over our food without a thought of what is actually in the ingredients, but would you be surprised to know that there are 22g […]

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Get the whole family involved

How can we make meal times less stressful and fun? During my mindfulness workshop this week one of my clients was feeling anxious about next week, because her husband is going away and she knows she has a busy week at work, her son is stressed, because he has the last of his GCSE exams […]

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Preparing for Pregnancy

A Balanced Diet During pregnancy the developing baby draws upon the mother’s nutrient stores. For this reason it’s important that a woman starts pregnancy with an optimal store of vitamins and minerals. What exactly is a balanced diet? The Government in the UK uses the concept of the ‘Eatwell Guide’ to show pictorially the different […]

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Body Image and Mental Health

How has Body Image Impacted on your Mental Health? With Mental Health Awareness week next I want to discuss Body Dismorphic Disorder (BDD). This is an anxiety disorder relating to body image. Everyone else may say you’re gorgeous, but if you don’t love yourself those words don’t mean a thing. What triggered your anxiety about […]

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Procrastination and Dealing with it.

How often do you find yourself procrastinating? Why do you do it? Perhaps by the end of this article you will discover why and work out ways in which to change this! Long before we had the Internet, people have been procrastinating and for the majority of people this isn’t a problem. However, if you […]

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Wellbeing at Work

Promoting wellbeing at work is great for employees and benefits the organisation. Why? If your employer offers an effective wellbeing programme, the chances are they understand their staff and what matters. These days more and more businesses are introducing Mindfulness workshops, yoga, fruit at work, massages, talks from mental health experts, and counselling services for […]

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Mindfulness in the Workplace

Why is this important? A recent survey carried out by Mind UK on 9,501 UK employees from many different types of employment, asked the question ‘Are you suffering from mental health with your current employer?’ A staggering 70% answered yes. That’s 6,651 employees in the UK coping wit mental health at work! How do Mindfulness […]

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Quite recently I attended a meeting at which Shona took the speaking slot. I was impressed by the way she engaged the audience immediately and was willing to show some vulnerability which achieved empathy from the audience. Shona talked about her career and the learnings that had brought her to this event.
She has a great message for the attendees in terms of how you can use your thoughts to bring about the best outcomes for yourself.
There were plenty of questions asked after Shona spoke which in my book is a great sign of an audience really thinking about the message.
I would not hesitate to recommend Shona’s speaking ability especially her engagement skills and besides all that she really is a very nice person.

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