Common Issues I Come Across

“I’m not good enough” “I can’t do it” “I am a failure” “I worry” “I feel guilty” “I have so much to do” These are just a few examples. However, these are only thoughts and a thought can be changed. I can work with you to Identify what is holding you back, help you Recover […]

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10 Reasons Why It Is Important To Set Goals

Do You Have A Destiny With Your Name On It? 1. Goals give you a starting direction and a destination to reach – What is it that you REALLY Want? What is the SPECIFIC outcome you’re looking for? What is the PAIN of not achieving the goal? 2. Written goals give you focus and nail […]

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When your Manager can’t manage!

Is a Micromanager the worse boss you can have? It can be difficult to perform well when you’re being micromanged, because you may feel that your boss doesn’t trust you to do your job. You may be feel that you’re constantly being checked on and this can lead to you being anxious, stressed and if […]

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Invest in a Rest

Tick off Every Time You Did a workout Compliment someone Met/talked to a friend Did something fun Drank water/ate something healthy Read something Took time off social media

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Finding the balance

As National Work Life Week is fast approaching us, I thought i’d share my story of burnout. I had been a Lawyer specialising in several areas of law, mainly travel and consumer law since 1998. Up until that point I had dabbled in a little employment law, but only low-value claims. In 2012 a new […]

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Why self-care is important

In our busy frantic worlds we can forget how to look after ourselves. We start to do more things that pull us down, drain our energy away, and make us feel tense and fragmented, than the things that lift our mood, energise us, and make us feel calm and rested. What happens to us when […]

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Is it time to make a change?

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger? Even the best of us have bad days. I was having one of those days today, yet i’m always telling people to be positive, don’t dwell, embrace everyday as if it were your last, because life is too short. Yesterday, I received some bad news about my health. […]

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Do you need to change the way you eat?

Do smoothies and fruit juice count towards your 5 a day? All fruit, fruit juices and smoothies contain fructose, which is a naturally occurring sugar. However, fructose from whole fruit, doesn’t count towards added sugar, because when it stays whole it retains its fibre, whereas in fruit juice and smoothies it does count towards added […]

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National Walking Month 1-31 May 2019

Why is walking good for you? Walking is actually one of the best exercises you can do for weight loss, especially if you do a brisk walk (3mph) for between 10 and 30 minutes per day. In order to burn fat your heart rate needs to be in the aerobic zone, or what I refer […]

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Thank you for your perspective on life, your skills as a life coach and just being you! Your life coaching has been a great help and the sessions have definitely helped me rebuild a part of my own foundations to help my focus and progress.

Sometimes in life things happen unexpectedly that challenge you and give a new perspective. My own challenge, surviving and recuperating from a terrible bicycle injury, was quite hard in its first year. But, into its second year I felt ready for another stage of rebuilding and giving some new perspectives a go. With the focus and structure of Mindset in Motion sessions to help give credence to some of my ideas and learn some new approaches to typical methods of working, all really helped add to my sense of positively rebuilding my foundations.

The phrase ‘terrible bicycle injury’ is my playful attempt at alluding to the traumatic brain injury I sustained, without directly saying that phrase. Obviously people that read it might infer that, but this written approach allows me some distance from the event. Just wanted to explain my (random) logic!

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