It’s the weekend – time for YOU

So, what are you going to do for yourself this weekend? Let me guess, it’s been another busy week, either at work, or with the kids, or a combination of both. The weekend is here and as much as you want to enjoy it, you’re thinking ‘I have the groceries to do, the cleaning needs […]

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Time to recharge your batteries

I bet whatever you’ve done this week, it’s been busy and now it’s the weekend you’re tired, but you’ve still got 101 things to do!!However, I want you to start treating your weekend as a tiny holiday and leave your regular routines behind. Before I embarked on my Life Coaching and mindfulness journey I worked […]

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Arrange a night out

The kids have just gone back to school, so why not set up a Facebook or WhatsApp group for your child’s school year – this works for both mums and dad’s, and arrange a get together in the local pub over the weekend. We did this last night with my daughter’s school year and I […]

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To anyone following or wanting advice on nutrition definitely the only person to turn too is Shona because she’s arguably the best nutritionist in the UK without doubt. Her talents and scientific approach to nutrition and on all areas of mind, wellbeing, improving and making the most of the strengths of body is like no other. I couldn’t heap more praise on her because it’s certainly worked for myself and I’m sure for you all too. The article I read few weeks back was an eye opener into how to strengthen as a person also to release stress and a ‘feel good’ factor also.

Shona ticks every box possible in regarding to any form of issues in body and mind without doubt if anyone wanted to use her talented skills then they surely should the most gifted person who can help anyone.

Many thanks again to you Shona for inspiring and helping myself lose weight, tone up, and to help me think about the good/bad fats just amazing and so very grateful too.

5 stars out of 5 wouldn’t be enough I’d say 6 😀

Nigel Parker

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