Be kind to yourself this weekend

Don’t let the weekend become the same old groudhog weekend!

Whatever kind of week you’ve had, whether you’ve been busy at work, you’re a working mum and juggling a job with childcare, you’re a full time mum, you run a business, by the time you get to the weekend, very often you can be so worn out, although you want to have that special family time, it can feel like an effort. Right?

If you are kind to yourself, and it doesn’t need to take that much effort, you’ll most likely find that spark and energy to do the other things too. 

Each week I will write a blog about some simple tips on how you can be kind to yourself when it comes to the weekend, so keep up to date for further information.

How will you be kind to yourself this weekend?

Start keeping a journal and making a note throughout the year of of how you being kind to yourself and reflect on how these “gifts” are making a difference to your wellbeing.

This weekend I would like you start reading a new book. It can either be one you have either had for a while, or go to the library and get one, go to a book shop and have a look through the selection. You may not have done this for a while, but you can really get lost in a good book and you may find you can’t put it down. Just try something new. Your challenge is to read one chapter a day and if you can do more that’s awesome!

Have a great weekend and be kind to yourself!

Be kind to yourself this weekend and read a book

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