Battling mental health with a Sporting Career

Last week’s article was received so well, Shona has very kindly agreed to write another guest post for us. This week she’s speaking openly & honestly about her journey battling mental health with her own sporting career.  What is Mental Health? ‘Mental health is defined as a state of well-being in which every individual realises his or […]

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Dealing with anxiety in athletes – tips from an anxiety sufferer

Anxiety is something that many of us live with through our lives. Thanks to increased research over the years, more and more is being understood about anxiety (and other forms of mental health). More people are becoming comfortable with talking about their struggles with anxiety, with many wanting to share their stories to help others. Shona Hirons […]

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I set up a business earlier this year for the first time, I handled the majority of the challenges well but there were a couple of issues around productivity and habits that I wanted to nip in the bud.


So I got in touch with Shona after she was recommended to me by another business owner, we had three sessions and it helped me to make the changes necessary to feel at my best.


I would say that the NLP session we had made a massive difference to a habit of mine, which I have kicked.  The rest of the stuff was more of a catalyst for me to become stronger and more focused.


In short, I really recommend Shona, she is patient, good to speak to and does have a really positive impact.


Simon Monaghan
Resolved my problems in 3 sessions

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