Are you a creature of Habit?

As we enter a new decade, do you want to stay as you are, or make some changes?

Imagine this – you’re at a funeral and you’re standing over a coffin and you see yourself.

What do you have to say about yourself?

Have you done the things with your life that you want to do?

If that’s the case, why do you complain about it?

Do you want to say that you were a good spouse?

If that’s the case, how does coming home and instantly being negative towards your other half affect that?

Do you want to be remembered as a person who added value to society?

If that’s the case, are you doing the things that will allow you to say that, or are you scared of failure?

What are the most important things to you?

The most common answers to this question are ‘my wellbeing’, ‘my family’, ‘my children’.

You would never ever say ‘organising paperwork, or watching TV’. But, how many of us spend more time organising paperwork and watching TV, than planning our nutrition, going to the gym and spending time with loved ones?

Picture this scene

A man is cutting down a tree in his garden, but it’s taking him a very long time. His neighbour is bothered by this, so pops out and says ‘if you sharpen your saw it will be done quicker’.

The man in the tree replies ‘it will take too long’.

We may laugh at this, but we do the same thing all the time. We can’t find 30 minutes a day to fit in some form of exercise, or cook a meal from scratch. Our health deteriorates to a point that we’re physically incapable of being effective.

We can’t read a book for 15 minutes a day and mentally stimulate ourselves.

These things take TOO MUCH TIME!

Make time for you in 2020 and stop Procrastinating

Set yourself some Goals that really mean something to you. Make sure you understand WHY they are important and do something everyday to achieve your goal/s.

If you still need help with these, I can help you Identify what is holding you back, help you to Rebuild and Transform your life into the person you want to be. I’ve rebuilt my life and transformed from someone who was at rock bottom at the start of the last decade into someone that is more positive than ever. This can be YOU too.