100 Days of Mindfulness – Day 50

Create a Worry slot

Give yourself 10 minutes to worry today.

It’s hard to be productive if anxiety and ‘what ifs’ dominate your thoughts and cause distractions to your work and every day life.

Give yourself permission to worry about those thoughts, but at a set period during the day.

Choose the time to have your worry slot

If you do this every day, do it at the same time, but don’t do it too late in the day, because it may keep you awake.

Write all the worries down

If an anxious thought comes into your head during the day, make a note of it, then continue with your day, because you will deal with it during your worry slot. By writing down your worries, they are more likely to lose their power, so give it a go.

Evaluate your worries during the worry slot

If the thoughts you wrote down are still bothering you, allow yourself to worry about them, but only for the 10 minutes allocated. As you examine your worries in this way, you’ll often find it easier to develop a more balanced perspective.

Write down your worries