100 Days of Mindfulness – Day 46

How Do You Feel About The Week Ahead?

So many people let their negative thoughts control their lives.

Every day we have around 50,000 thoughts that go through our minds and 80% of those thoughts will be negative. This is because the primary function of the brain is survival NOT happiness and fulfilment.

We can change those percentages with practice. The more you give in to your negative thoughts, the stronger they become.

Most negative thoughts happen as a result of worrying about the future – the fear of the unknown.

I’ve fallen victim to this, the thoughts escalate and they spiral, panic can set in and it’s hard to think of anything positive when you feel like that.

If you’re worried about anything you’ve got coming up over the next week try the following:

  • Get up a little earlier in the morning and do some meditation, yoga or big stretches. Practicing mindfulness and mediation showed me how to be truly present and in the moment. It stopped me dwelling on the past and worrying about the future. I feel a sense of calm and in control.
  • Keep hydrated – drink plenty of water – best to use filtered water at room temperature. Water has enormous health benefits, but we don’t drink enough of it.
  • Get outside – as soon as you can, get out in the fresh air. Low vitamin D can negatively affect the mind and body, including mood. It may be necessary to take a Vitamin D supplement in the winter months.
  • Get moving – You don’t have to go to the gym, but even a 5 minute work out in the morning, such as walking up and down the stairs, or doing some press-ups will wake up your body and energise you for the day. Studies show that regular exercise can boost your mood.
  • Gratitude – What are you grateful for? Gratitude is unique because it overpowers negative emotions. Focus on listing 3 things each day that you are grateful for and write them down.
  • Self-reflection – Whatever you do, take a few minutes at the end of each day to reflect on what you really want in life, what you’re looking forward to and what you’re grateful for. No matter how bad you think your day has been, you will always have achieved something, so spend some time thinking about that and how you can keep improving.
  • Keep a smile file full of positive quotes, good feedback and nice pictures to remind you why life is actually good.
  • Set yourself specific and measurable goals to challenge yourself, push you through your comfort zone. Where do you see yourself in 6 months, 1 year, 5 years from now? Whatever you want for your life, write them down and work on them every day to keep you energised and motivated.

It can be tough doing this on your own when you’ve hit this constant way of negative thinking. Don’t feel like you’re on your own. I’m only a call away and I always offer anyone a free 20 minute consultation.

Change your thoughts – change your mind