10 Reasons Why It Is Important To Set Goals

Do You Have A Destiny With Your Name On It?

1. Goals give you a starting direction and a destination to reach – What is it that you REALLY Want? What is the SPECIFIC outcome you’re looking for? What is the PAIN of not achieving the goal?

2. Written goals give you focus and nail down what changes you need to make. A written goal gives you purpose, desire and commitment to make it happen.

3. When you have a specific target it positions you for real success.

4. When you identify your goals and give it an obtainable timeline to achieve it, you see the target dates and experience the excitement of achievement that will propel you to reach your goals.

5. When you set obtainable goals make sure they are in agreement with your overall vision.

6. If you give yourself a specific and identifiable goal it puts you on a direct course of action.

7. Goals only have purpose if they are necessary to you and are specific enough.

8. Goals help you to prioritise and focus on what is important.

9. To achieve your goals, you have to stay committed and consider what sacrifices you may have to make to achieve them.

10. Keep telling yourself ‘I CAN’ and you will achieve your goals and you won’t procrastinate.

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